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The Embodied Voice in Expressive Arts
The Embodied Voice in Expressive Arts

fre 24 apr.


Biyunakademins hälsocenter

The Embodied Voice in Expressive Arts

We welcome you who is an experienced expressive arts therapist, or a student in arts-based therapy methods, and you who are interested in working with the arts in psychotherapy, personal development and social change.

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Tid & plats

24 apr. 2020 17:00 – 26 apr. 2020 17:00

Biyunakademins hälsocenter, Johan Enbergs väg 20, 171 61 Solna, Sverige

Om workshopen

An alternative space 

Life is now. We somehow know this, and yet the concept of "the now" is hard to grasp. Meditation practices, mindfulness courses, spiritual work, existential psychology all address the notion of embracing the eternal Now. By means of different approaches, guidance, and techniques various practices we are supported and invited to live more fully in the present moment - as this is all we can ever have. WE CAN ONLY LIVE NOW. As life is constantly evolving, moving, and changing - so are we. 

In everyday life we tend to move around with a sense of:  

I will do this before I can do that... First I must complete this matter and after that I will ... Before following my dreams I must manage this task... 

We can make choices to live our lives more fully in The NOW through shaping our worlds using play, improvisation and the different arts. Play is a relational language of intimacy, creativity, and change. To engage in free play through the arts is to walk a path towards increased sensitivity, awareness, and empowerment. 

We invite you to the 8th workshop and invite you to step through the gate with us! This time we are exploring living more fully. How can we live from the softness and intelligence of the heart and from using a clear, kind, and focused mind? This involves listening inwardly and making intentional choices. We will reflect on how subjective existential meaning can be created. We will use poetry, the voice, movement, improvisation and costume. Space is provided for reflections upon our present life situations. Maybe there is a need of letting go. Perhaps following a desire in deepening a commitment, a relationship, a work project. Maybe beginning engaging in a longed for interest and passion. Or, giving more space and attention for self-care and self-compassion. 

The poem "The Summer Day" by Mary Oliver ends with the essential question: "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your wild and precious life?" 


The internal journey 

The arts can open to surprises, renewed energy, and innovative directions. As we engage in the creative process though arts and play, we invite what is Now. The arts bring us to a golden gateway of the present moment! We turn the attention inward... Providing room for being still, opening up, listening carefully and paying attention to subtle movements, emotions and images. We turn the attention outward using the arts to shape our newly forming, vibrant existence. We invite you to enter a studio that is an alternative space. A potential-filled place for profound change. 

We call this work -The Embodied Voice 

Expressive arts methodology is at the center of this work, and we move between individual time and the held witnessing of the group...Being alone, together and together, together. We work with the language of the arts to shape emotions, find recovery, gain stability, discover resources and perhaps move in new directions. We welcome you who is an experienced expressive arts therapist, or a student in arts-based therapy methods, and you who are interested in working with the arts in psychotherapy, personal development and social change. 

Margareta Wärja and Markus Scott-Alexander are both pioneers in the field of expressive arts and have collaborated for 25 years. Margareta is the director of the Expressive Arts institute in Stockholm, and a faculty member of the expressive arts training at South-East University, Norway. In her PhD study she implemented arts-based psychotherapy in cancer rehabilitation. Markus directs the World Arts Organization in Canada with a PhD focused on building community through dance theatre. Markus teaches expressive arts internationally and is a senior faculty member at the European Graduate School in Switzerland and Malta. 

“In working together, our goal is to create a space of permission for exploration, for playing, for listening inside, and for interpersonal exchanges. We are constantly learning from each other and from the participants and clients with whom we work. We are dedicated to the unfolding process of the group being attentive to the existential, transpersonal and spiritual dimensions of life. The expressive arts are an avenue to explore themes of change, unfolding, and meaning-making”.  


24 – 26 april 2020


17 – 21 friday

10 – 18.30 saturday

10 – 16.30 sunday

Workshop fee 

3500 SEK (25% vat is added).




Biyunakademins hälsocenter in Solna, easy reach with the subway.   


070 749 07 56


Space is limited. Warm welcome with your registration!


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